Traditional values – Modern Thinking
For Britain’s Armed Forces & Emergency Service Personnel

About Us

At Step Forward Homes we are committed and dedicated to providing high quality, affordable homes throughout the whole of the UK.

A not-for-profit housing company, we pride ourselves on providing homes for current and former Armed Forces and Emergency Service Personnel; these include Fire and Rescue, Ambulance, Nurses, Paramedics, Police and Search and Rescue workers.

We passionately believe our primary client group deserve to be given the highest priority in securing high-quality affordable homes for rental, rent to buy and shared ownership

purchase. Our aim is to be the market leader, providing our client user group with outstanding places in which to live and enjoy – not just for today, but future generations too.

The Step Forward business model has been created without government grants, donations or tax subsidies. This ensures our homes are delivered at nil cost to the UK taxpayer. We believe that institutional investment will not only generate stable and positive returns, but also make a significant social impact amongst those individuals and families who have served – or continue to serve – our country.

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Our vision

‘Traditional Values – Modern Thinking’

Our vision, which is to create a significant social impact and develop outstanding places in which to live. By working in partnership with property developers and Local Authorities, we at Step Forward are proud to deliver high-quality homes and communities to our priority group.

Our values

Acting with integrity and honesty throughout all our activities.
Promoting the highest standards during each and every process.
Treating our people, stakeholders and clients with respect.
Placing collaboration at the core of our business activities.
Ensuring we apply modern technology, merged with traditional values.