Former NHS nurse

“I couldn’t face nursing any more. It was so stressful. I was suicidal and had tried to overdose four times. I was depressed and even hallucinating and having paranoid premonitions.

I was looking at trees to see which one would be best to hang myself from. I had OCD symptoms. But clinical hypnotherapy saved me thanks to Step Forward Homes.

“My parents were both depressives. I was self-harming from the age of 12. I think I was always depressed. But within a few weeks of hypnotherapy sessions all suicidal ideation vanished and so did the hallucinations and premonitions. I didn’t want to kill myself any more. I felt brighter, more decisive and more confident.

“I felt so much more in control of myself and I was making clearer decisions. I stopped doing any drugs which I had been using to numb my feelings. I acknowledged my feelings of abandonment, which were obviously coming from my childhood, and by acknowledging them it diminished their intensity. I feel able to go forward in my life now in a new, and stronger, way.”

Former NHS Nurse