Former Signaller & NHS Physiotherapist

After six sessions of clinical hypnotherapy my entire outlook on life has changed.  It is such a dramatic change that it stuns me. Every day is now a good day, whereas before I used to wake up with dread. 

“Also, all the pain I had suffered for twenty years, after I broke my back in the Army, is gone – has  just vanished. I served in Bosnia before being medically discharged because of my back, but I had also suffered from anxiety as long as I can remember. I was sexually abused as a child and removed from my mother. I now understand the impact of what happened in my childhood on my army career, and the rest of my life.

“I had a nervous breakdown five years ago and repeatedly tried to commit suicide when my ex-husband, who was also ex-military, committed suicide. There was a hole in me which was so big. I have now closed up that hole. It is gone. I now understand my body and my mind and I realise my chronic pain was psychosomatic.

“Now I can not so much start my life again, as create a whole new life. I was worried this feeling might be temporary. But I truly don’t see how I can lose it now as I understand myself so well thanks to clinical hypnotherapy and Step Forward Homes for making it possible.”

Former Signaller and NHS physiotherapist