Our Team

The management team at Step Forward is comprised of fully committed and dedicated individuals with a unique mix of backgrounds.

A combination of experienced property investors, finance professionals and military veterans with many active service tours of duty in Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

The Step Forward team is focused on delivering 1000 new build homes by 2020 and providing mentoring support to our specific user group.

Home Ownership Team

Lawrence McNickle

20 years property experience focused on new property developments to first-time buyers. Lawrence has experience with all aspects of the property supply chain. Particular focus is on high levels of customer service to both homebuyers and tenants.


Sales and Marketing

Chris Metcalf

10 years property marketing experience with specific knowledge of both online and offline marketing channels and PR.


Accounting and Finance

Leanne Kinsey

Head of the accounts team with a background in finance, accounting and administration.


The Military Advisory Panel

Uniquely, we have an advisory panel made up of former military personnel who are fully committed to supporting current and former military servicemen and women.


Andy Reid

Andy Reid served for 13 years as an infantry soldier and section commander both in the Queens Lancashire Regiment and The Yorkshire Regiment, members of the Kings Division, with active service tours in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

On Tuesday 13 October 2009, Andy was severely wounded by a Taliban improvised IED.

Andy lost both legs and his right arm, whilst the index finger on his left hand was almost completely removed.

Andy now devotes the majority of his time to inspiring others including military veterans to overcome adversity demonstrating that hope can overcome despair.


Gary Metcalf

Gary Metcalf served for 6 years as an infantry soldier in the Kings Regiment, members of the Kings Division, with active service tours of West Belfast, Northern Ireland 1984 and Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland in 1987.

He has also served tours of The Falkland Islands, Germany, Kenya, Guard Duty at Buckingham Palace and Chester.

Gary was a non–commissioned officer and member of the Kings Regiment boxing team throughout his military career.


John Kelley-Quinn

John Kelley-Quinn served in HM forces for over eight years on variable active service duties.

John reached the rank of sergeant and had a decorated and intensive military career before being medically discharged for sustained injuries in the line of duty in 1994.

John has since gained two masters degrees in Management and Business Administration and is currently pursuing his PhD in Middle East Business Affairs.

John resides in the Middle East and is currently the CEO of an international total facilities management and security group.