Rachael Butterworth

Step Forward Homes helped me in a way I could never imagine. I discovered I was pregnant in October with my long term partner. Unfortunately, he did not share my enthusiasm to be a parent and so we went our separate ways, therefore, I moved back with my parents while I thought about what to do. Private renting is very expensive, adding to the cost of a new born baby and the prospect of being a single parent, I felt overwhelmed. I applied for social housing through Cheshire Homechoice and bid on properties to no avail. At 38 weeks pregnant I was invited to view a property through Step Forward and they provided me with a lovely house at affordable renting prices. Step Forward allowed me to provide a home securely for myself and my baby at an affordable price. The peace of mind is an overwhelming feeling.

It’s wonderful to know that there are companies who are helping people get into homes affordably and securely to provide a future for themselves and their children when all other alternatives appear exhausted.