Retired Police officer

“Hypnotherapy has allowed me to reflect on all the things that have happened in my life and the way they have affected me professionally and personally. It has brought my entire personality into sharp focus. 

“It has helped improve my relationship with my partner who was complaining that I was too controlling. Before hypnotherapy, I felt like I was living on a knife-edge and I needed everything dealt with in a particular way.  But after the sessions I have found myself thinking: “Does it really matter?” And I realised, no it doesn’t. I feel so much more relaxed.

“I am less impulsive now. I am thinking before I speak. I feel less frustrated. I am sleeping so well which is a massive change. I used to struggle with insomnia.

“I know some people have visions in hypnosis but I didn’t really. But I did get feelings, like feeling very hot or my heart racing madly. I also just knew what the root problem was when I found it, but I don’t know how I knew.

“During hypnotherapy the pain in my back, which I had had for years, vanished and the pain in my knees and feet lessened. I will continue with recordings to eliminate all pain completely I hope.”