Sarah Yuen Gilliat

Beat Retreat Hypnotherapy is working closely with Stepforward Homes, and specifically the Leon House clinic to provide Clinical Hypnotherapy services to serving and military veterans, first responders and healthcare workers, to combat PTSD symptoms and substance abuse.

This is a go-ahead, committed,  organisation, which is as innovative as it is diligent. It is committed to proving exemplary services and support to people of many walks of life, and its results are stunning. Gary Metcalf and Sean Gartland are exceptionally easy to work with, but at the same time, insistent on top flight standards of care. They take crucial decisions easily and rapidly and it is very hard to keep up with their dynamism and drive.

This is an organisation which truly cares, not only about the people they help but also their service providers. I cannot recommend the organisation highly enough.

Sarah Yuen Gilliat Clinical Hypnotherapist