Serving Army Sergeant Reservist

My life has been transformed by clinical hypnotherapy, funded and supported by Step Forward Homes.

When I started the sessions I was having severe panic attacks; I was hyper vigilant (I had fortified my house); I had OCD symptoms, and my mind wouldn’t stop racing. I wasn’t sleeping and hardly eating. I was blowing everything out of proportion. There was a lot going on in my life and I didn’t feel able to deal with any of it. 

“I had experienced things in Afghanistan I couldn’t forget. Now my PTSD symptoms, which I had had for ten years, have all but vanished. Hours of CBT never got rid of them. I am still concerned about things from time to time but just normal relationship concerns and I feel stronger and able to deal with anything. I am thinking more clearly. I feel resilient.

“I had 9 sessions in all. I listened to recordings in between those sessions, which sorted out my insomnia almost immediately.  I can see now that my childhood, during which I was beaten and punched by my father, and emotionally distant from my mother, played a great part in how I felt after my combat tour. In short, I would say hypnotherapy is a lifesaver. I would say I am 100% better.”

Serving army sergeant reservist